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Belinda Gustin
Wilkerson Intermediate
6th Grade/Content Literacy/Social Studies
Conference time: 10:20-11:10



April 2017  

        Parents, we need your help!  Soon we will be starting a unit called Mini Society.  I will send home a letter with more information, however we need your help to gather supplies.  Every year this project is one of the most memorable and favorite for students.  Each student will learn about entrepeneurship, government, and economics by creating a business in a fictional country.  They will need to have a product or service.  We need supplies such as colored copy paper for, "money",  and clear tape, craft supplies for various projects.  If you are willing to help with any of these supplies please send them with a note, so that students may thank you for the donation to their business venture.
        Africa magazine articles were due April 7.  Any students that have not finished and typed their work have homework to finish.  As always students that have been absent need to make up their work at home.

         We will be starting East Asia next week, which includes China, Japan, and North/South Korea.

        All students need glue, pencils, map pencils, and a pencil sharpener in class every day.  Many have run out of these key supplies, especially glue and pencil sharpeners.  Please make sure they have everything they need for class so that there is not a disruption by having to borrow supplies.  Please us know if there is any problem buying the supplies so that we may assist you.  Our class could use extra glue, composition notebooks, and Markers.  If you are able to donate; we would really appreciate it.  

        Please remind students that they may retake a test that they have failed.  I have reminded them and asked them to see me by the next day if they want to retake it.  They could study their notes or the textbook (username and password for online access is below) to prepare.  The student needs to see me to receive tutoring or to schedule the retake.  Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.




Feel free to open your child's new World Cultures and Geography texbooks online by going to  User name: wcgtxstudent Password: explore

Don't Forget!
Students must have supplies in class everyday.  Please let me know if there is an issue with purchasing supplies.
Gluesticks (at least 4)
colored map pencils
scissors (as needed)
Marking pens

If you have any questions about this process or our class, please email me at

Please sign your student's Tuesday folder in the parent signature spot on Tuesday evening and return.  Make sure that they have written in the planner everyday and every class.  

Class Supplies needed:
help covering notebooks
Clear plastic tape or contact paper to cover notebooks

Please note that your student may have homework that is not on the Homework link because he or she did not finish it in class.  It is important that you establish a homework routine daily so that they will get in the habit of fulfilling all obligations.


See the HOMEWORK link to the left for more about homework!

Orders from Scholastic are due by September 26
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Scholastic book orders are due by Sept. 26!

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